Friday November 24, 2017
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Dear Ammunition Customer, If you are purchasing ammunition from us, please know that our inventory online is not always accurate and up-to-date.  Ammunition continues to be an item that is unreliable and hard to find and is restocked sporadically at best.  In purchasing ammo, we would recommend that you email us first at to let us check the actual inventory of the ammo you are wanting to purchase.  .22 shells are still especially hard to find.  We continue to have lengthy backorders on hard to find ammo and orders are shipped when available on a first come, first served basis.  Placing an order that is not in stock is permitted and puts you on the backorder list to ship whenever this item is available.  FYI, If you use Paypal as payment the money will be received immediately and held by us until shipment.  We recommend that you use a credit card that is "authorized only" at the time of order and will only be charged upon shipment of the items. We appreciate your business and hope to be able to serve you the best we can.

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